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Amrita Dhara Mahamantra Deeksha 

    The Amrita Dhara Mahamantra Deeksha  is common to all men-women.  There is no limit of age.  There is no restrictions of Caste, Religion, language, etc.  Anyone having interest and faith can gain this initiation activity.

There are no strict restrictions to chant this mantra.  It is sufficient that you allocate at least half an hour in your regular life.  The practice of this mantra will purify you even if you were having any bad habits in your past life before chanting this mantra.

It is the very best method to obtain the Deeksha  (spiritual initiation) through a Guruji in person..  We are ready to offer the Deeksha in person for the purpose of welfare of everyone.

Those who are interested to attain the spiritual initiation (Deeksha) can contact the below said phone numbers.

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